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Horace Michael Peterson IV

"Never Accept The World For What It Appears To Be, And Dare To See It As It Can Be..."

I am Horace Peterson IV; founder and creative director of Legendary Phoenix Enterprises. My mission is based on my experience as a story writer, technician and inventor. I came up with the concept of 'Balance' in 2012. Immediately, I started research and development for all things that involved gaming and my concept. I have familiarized myself with app prototyping, development and design while also improving and evolving my concept; from how it will look to how it will generate revenue and encourage unity. 


Content Creator

"You will never fully experience or enjoy your blessings until you believe that you are worthy of receiving them."

For years, I have been obsessed with stories; writing them, listening to them and immersing myself in them. It has always been important to me to find ways to bring my own to life. I have found through time that raw imagination can get lost in translation, yet I have always had a desire to refine my passion and find unique and better ways to express my thoughts.  It is my belief that we as human beings have a shared responsibility to leave our stories for future generations. 

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